Freya’s Screen Debut, and a New Home

We’ve been taking an actual Spring Break, believe it or not. Members slept in, went places, and did things completely unrelated to robots. No, really!

Oh, ok, so we did start working on a new project. Over a weekend we got together to storyboard and film Freya for her screen debut: Freya and Ducks à l’Orange! No duckies were harmed in the making of this film. We promise.

We brought Freya to meet her adoring public at the Bennington Area Makerspace on May 7th, joining the Cookie Clickers at their Open House. She worked beautifully!

We also started May in our new home in the Smith Center at Burr and Burton Academy. We are incredibly excited to be invited to share the Robotics Lab with Mr. Morrison’s students! We had visitors there last Monday, and all had a great time driving around the lab and delivering balls, cubes, and ducks to each other.

Delivering Freight in the Smith Center!

It’s been a great year in our workshop provided by TPW Real Estate, and we will miss our awesome garage space. It allowed us to meet safely this year even during the Delta and Omicron waves, so that we could bring Freya to the VT State Championship.

Having community support is how we keep the program going, bringing STEAM enrichment to area students. While the majority of our current members are attending BBA, we welcome 7th-12th graders from any school (or homeschool) in the area. There are no membership dues or costs beyond transportation; expenses come entirely from grants and donations. Thus we are truly grateful for the support of TPW and BBA in providing the team a home.

One thought on “Freya’s Screen Debut, and a New Home

  1. What a truly excellent newsletter – well written and nicely humorous! Keep it up and makes following your team’s progress interesting. Thanks. Glad that you’ll be able to work with B&B, too.

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