We are a 4-H club of middle- and high-school aged kids building really cool robots for the FIRST Tech Challenge.


Isaac is from Sunderland VT and enrolled in 11th grade at Burr & Burton Academy (BBA). His favorite activities include snowboarding, running half marathons, robotics, playing the viola, and occasionally acting.


Aleks is our treasurer, lead programmer and proponent of open source software. He is more comfortable with the Java than with the robot code, but generally gets along.


Takoda is a junior at Burr & Burton Academy. He lives in the cornfields of West Pawlet and enjoys hiking in the woods.


Zach is in 8th grade at Maple Street School. He lives in Danby, Vermont, and enjoys hanging out with his friends. He likes Math and Science, and he plays basketball in the winter.

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Carter is in 10th grade at Burr and Burton Academy. He likes Math and Science,


Gabriel is from …VT.


Patty Rutins

Patty Rutins – Team Coach

Patty Rutins grew up in 4-H with horses, but recently she moved to robotics instead. Her excuse is that Aleks, her son, is a member. She earned a degree in Music and became a computer programmer, is currently a Senior Web Developer at The Orvis Company, Inc., and enjoys exploring all kinds of technology.

Meg Ruley – Mentor

Meg Ruley is a mentor of the Manchester Machine Makers. She loves technology and learning about robotics.

David Lindenberg – Team Coach

What I Do: Team Coach

David Lindenberg is a first year FIRST Robotics parent and first year robotics coach. He is a special educator and has always had an interest in playing around with technology. He believes one of the best ways of learning is by making mistakes while trying new things; he also believes no matter how you learn, you should have fun doing it.


Mike Cole – Founding Mentor

Mike is a 4-H Club Adult Counselor and lives in the Manchester area. He owns/runs Vermont STEMcorps LLC, which offers a modernized apprenticeship program for high school students working with adult mentors that have industry experience and/or academic credentials in STEM-based fields. Mike has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Thank you to our previous members as well.