Got Ducks?

Every day when I make my way to the workshop, I find a little fellow who's cute and yellow and won't stop!

A what? A duck.

Does it quack? Of course it… well, no. Sorry. These don’t quack.

They do support our team, though!

We are FIRST Tech Challenge Team #16221, from Manchester, Vermont, and we love building robots. We also love rubber duckies. Who doesn’t, let’s be honest? They’re little, cute, and cheery yellow, and they love riding on our robots.

If you’d like a cute little Manchester Machine Makers Rubber Ducky of your own, drop us a line! You can also find us hard at work in our workshop at Burr & Burton Academy, or inquire about 4-H or FIRST through the UVM Extension, the UVM College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, and FIRST in VT.